Wednesday, September 19, 2012

NEWLY REPRINT — Bodhipakkhiya Dipani, The Requisites of Enlightenment

"We believe that this present treatise is 
one of the most helpful expositions of Dhamma, 
it offers not only a wealth of 
information on many aspects 
of the Teaching, 
but is also a forcefully 
seasoned and stirring appeal to 
earnest endeavour towards the Goal. 
We therefore, 
wish to recommend this work to 
our readers’ close and repeated 
study and reflection."
~Venerable Nyanaponika, the Editor

 Ledi Sayadaw

In this treatise, the Burmese scholar monk Ledi Sayadaw discusses the Bodhipakkhiya Dhamma — the thirty seven requistes of enlightenment. These are the four foundations of mindfulness, four right efforts, four bases of success, five controlling faculties, five mental powers, seven factors of enlightenment, and the eight factors of the noble eightfold path. Ledi Sayadaw discusses all these requisites in detail, after having given a long exposition about the four types of people capable of attaining the noble paths and fruits.

 Cattāro Satipaññhāna
Four Foundations of Mindfulness

Cattāro Sammapadhāna
Four Right Efforts

Cattāro Iddhipāda
Four Bases of Success

Pa¤ca Indriyani
Five Controlling Faculties

Pa¤ca Balani
Five Mental Powers

Satta Bojjhaïgani
Seven Factors of Enlightenment

ñña Maggaïgani
Eight Path Factors

Nava Lokutarani
Nine Supermundane states

Eko Sammāsambuddho Ti
One Perfect Enlightenment

The Venerable Ledi Sayadaw is recognized as one of the most eminent and highly respected teacher. His is most admired for his pioneering efforts to spread the Dhamma (Buddha's teaching) to the west which has benefited so many.

"He was the most brillant star in
the galaxy of Dhamma teachers
of this age, both in the fields
of Pariyatti (learning the Doctrine)
as well as Patipatti (practising it)."
~ S.N. Goenka

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