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Translated & Abridged by Simone Tai

"When one gets sick, suitable food and medicine are the main things necessary for the illness to be cured. 

Similarly, those who wish to be free from the disease of mental defilements must take the medicine of the dhamma, or the Buddha’s teachings. So that this dhamma medicine gets properly absorbed, when taking it, the “mouth” which we call morality (sīla) must be in good condition. Morality is the fundamental basis for the fulfillments of one’s meditation practice. The Buddha has said that morality is just like the mouth.

Why is this? Because those who do not keep good morality do not have a clear conscience, it will not be easy for them to gain clarity and peacefulness of mind. If the mind is not calm, then there is no way for wholesome practices to be developed.

Therefore, yogīs (meditators) who want to take the medicine of mindfulness, and who want to practice according to the method laid out in this book, must first of all keep the basic moral precepts. Only then will they have security and confidence of mind, and be able to gain mental stability and tranquility.

Having fulfilled the basic moral precepts, which are like the mouth, if you can practice meditation according to the method shown in this book, all physical ailments (except for some incurable diseases), as well as mental defilements, will surely disappear."

~ from Author's Introduction

This book is a translation of a selection of chapters from the Burmese origina
l ILLNESS AND THE YOGĪ: Living Free from Disease (2013).

The author, Sayādaw Ashin Kavindālankāra was born on October 17, 1979 in Thant Se township, Shwebo district, upper Burma. He became a novice at the age of 9, and studied at the well-known Mahāgandhayon Monastery in Amarapura. He has earned several degrees, including the Dhammācariya, Alankāra, Vinayavidhu, Dīghanikāya-vidhu, and Anguttaranikāyavidhu. He practiced Vipassanā meditation at the Mahāsī Meditation Center in Yangon in 2007, and then at the Panditarama Meditation Center in 2008. He has taught meditation at the Panditarama Meditation Center in Yangon, and also at the Panditarama Hse Main Gon forest center in Bago. He is currently establishing the SāsanaAlin-Saung Meditation Center in Hlegu Township.