Friday, March 22, 2013

A Present Mind is a Happy Mind

Naked Mind:

 "A Present Mind is 

a Happy Mind."

  by Sarah Barab

From the Himalayas to US Neuroscience labs, 

two filmmakers explore the effects of meditation 

and its potential for collective evolution

Filmmakers Sarah Barab and Paxton Winters 
set out to document how 
Western scientists and Eastern meditators are 
collaborating in unprecedented ways to 
understand the human mind. 
Along the way, they meet meditation masters, 
neuroscientists, convicts, drug addicts, and ....

Sarah Barab, 
Sarah is the founder of Naked Mind Productions - 
A production company dedicated to producing 
socially conscious Dharma-Inspired films. 
Sarah was a Theater Director and Actor until 2006 
when she switched her career to film. 
Sarah is also a yoga and meditation teacher and 
professional astrologer. 

Paxton Winters, 
DP Paxton is an award-winning filmmaker 
whose feature debut CRUDE won 
“Best Feature Narrative” 
at the Los Angeles Film Festival. 
 He has also made a number of other films, 
mostly focusing on the near East 
in the post-colonial era.

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