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Dear Friends,

Weekly meditation class at HOUSE of INWARD JOURNEY 
resumes Thursday January 10, 2013

We are pleased to inform that our resident meditation teacher Visu Teoh is back from Europe and will resume his weekly meditation class from Thursday, January 10 next year at HOUSE of INWARD JOURNEY, No 14 Phuah Hin Leong Road, Penang.

The class will start at 8:00pm and conclude at 10:00pm. We’ll sit for the first hour and discuss the practice in the second hour. Visu will answer questions and give a talk addressing especially the cultivation of peace and happiness in our everyday life.

Visu will be guiding us in both LovingKindness (Metta) and Insight (Vipassana) meditation. Both old and new students are welcome. If you have any friends or family members who are interested please bring them along too.

Please wear for comfort loose clothing for the session, especially at the waist. As the meditation hall is air-con, please bring along a warm shirt or blouse and maybe a thin blanket or cloth to cover the legs in case you find the temperature too cold.

If you are coming it will be appreciated if you can send us an email to let us know, so we can have an idea of the number of attendees. In case the number is more than our small hall can accommodate we may split the group into two and hold two classes a week.

For more information please email Visu at 
phone him after 2.00pm at  
016 411 2395

We look forward to seeing you and spending a beneficial time practising together.

Kind regards,
Sunanda Lim
Inward Path

Phone 012 430 2893


Some more information on the meditation:

Metta meditation is the cultivation of goodwill and loving kindness towards all beings. We keep on generating thoughts of goodwill and well-wishes towards others. As we do so our mind will enter into a concentrated and pleasant state. With practice the mind will become flexible and nimble in doing metta. Of course one can also wish well for oneself.

The standard phrases we use are to be happy, safe, peaceful, healthy, and to be able to take care of the self well and happily. In addition one can also wish anything that is relevant or desirable for oneself and others. For example, to have faith, confidence, courage and trust; to develop the qualities we need and to remove negative traits.

Metta meditation is very effective for the overcoming of hatred and anger. With patience, tolerance, and goodwill we’ll find our relationships improving and our life proceeding more smoothly and happily.


Vipassana or Insight meditation is the direct and clear seeing into the true nature of the self. We apply mindfulness to closely observe our mind and body. With practice we gain calm and peace as well as insight into our mental conditioning, behavioural patterns and habits. We learn how to cultivate, sustain and strengthen wholesome and joyful states of mind while diminishing the unwholesome and painful.

We’ll also come to understand what the Buddha termed as the impermanent, suffering, and not-self characteristics of existence in a way that is very liberating and wonderful. As this understanding deepens and delusion is weakened we will live with more and more peace, joy and happiness. The final goal which may be attained in one of our future lives is the attainment of Nibbana which is the end of all rebirth and suffering.


Visu Teoh has been teaching meditation for some 20 years. He was a Buddhist monk for 17 years before he returned to the lay life in 2003. He is married to Barbara and they divide their time between staying in Europe and Penang. Visu leads retreats in Europe and when back in Penang he resides at Inward Path and leads the weekly meditation session.

METTA RETREAT Czech Rep., July 2012

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