Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sayadaw Nyanapurnik (Jnanapurnik) Mahathera

Ven. Bhikkhu Nyanapurnik (Jnanapurnik) Mahathera, a Pali scholar and Vipassanacariya has been working actively for the progress and development of Theravada Buddhism in Nepal. He was born on 21st November, 1939 in Tansen, Palpa which is about 90 kilometers north of Lumbini, the birth-place of Lord Buddha. Ordained as a novice at the early age of 16, he spent a year in Buddhist studies in Nepal and went to Myanmar for further study. He received “Sasanadhaja Dhammachariya” a highly reputed order of Buddhist monastic education of Myanmar in 1963. Besides this Dhamma education, he has also completed various levels of formal education which includes School Leaving Certificate (SLC) in 1971, IA (1974), BA (1977) and MA (Culture and History) from Tribhuvan University, Nepal along with Diploma in Sanskrit from Banaras Sanskrit University, India.

He is an author and translator of about 50 books on Buddhism, both in Nepali and Nepal Bhasha languages. He was also one of the members of publication team of the Pali Burmese World Dictionary, Burma (1964-66). He has travelled extensively around the world as a Meditation instructor. He had also served as the assistant Chief of West Midlands Buddhist Centre in Birmingham from 1979 to 1982. In 1982, he established the Buddha Vihara, a Buddhist monastery at Nashville in Tennessee, USA.

He has been working as a missionary monk ‘Dharmadoot’ in different countries of Asia such as Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore along with some European countries and the USA. He has also played an important role in building and renovating various viharas in Nepal. He is Spiritual Advisior of the Kota Kinabalu Vipassana Meditation Center (Vimuttisukharama), Sabah, Malaysia and Dhammanusasaka of the International Buddhist Meditation Centre, Shankhamul, the Young Men’s Buddhist Association (YMBA) and the Buddhist Women’s Association. He is the General Secretary of All Nepal Bhikkhu Association and an active member of the Lumbini Development Trust. He is also the Founder and Director of the only training centre for the new generation monks and the Vice-Rector of the Nepal Buddha Pariyatti Shiksha at Vishwa Shanti Vihara, Kathmandu. He has also represented Nepal in many international conferences and seminars such as one in Ulan Bator, Mongolia, 1979 and 1982. He is awarded with Agga Maha Saddhammajotikadhaja title from the Govt of Union of Myanmar on 98th March 2001. 

Ven. Bhikkhu Nyanapurnik had also been designated as the official member representing Nepal in the 5th “World Buddhist Supreme Conference” held in Japan on November 1 to 4, 2008.
For half a century, Ven. Bhikkhu Nyanapurnik has been actively participating for the growth and development of Buddhism in Nepal. He is keenly interested in the education of the new generation in the line of Buddhist thought and philosophy. In fact, he has rendered a momentous service in this regard.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012



Impermanent, alas, are all formations!

Brother Visu's mother Aunty Marie Lim
passed peacefully at the age of 88 years old
early Monday morning 4 o'clock,
26th June 2012. 

The funeral services will be held at 
Rifle Ranger Funeral Parlour, 
on the 28th of June,
2 o'clock in the afternoon.
Our heartfelt condolences go out 
to him and family.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

THURSDAY MEDITATION CLASS... continue with Ven. Jotinanda Bhikkhu

T H U R S D A Y 
28th June — 30th July
continue with
Ven. Jotinanda Bhikkhu

* * *

GIVEN ON 14th JUNE 2012
review by SWAS TAN

If you have been practising Vipassana 
for many years, this Dhamma Talk on 
Vipassana — Back to Basics 
may be for you !
It's just too simple to miss some 
of the important points. 

Bhante Jotinanda speaks with a soft, light and 
delightful assent but his message is clear and 
there are lessons to be relearned. 

Wait a minute. Back to basics? What? 
To appreciate this Dhamma Talk, I suggest that you answer 
the following questions before reading the One Page Dhamma.**
This will be more helpful and you will then be able to  
appreciate the simplicity of the Dhamma Talk. 

Q1  What is Vipassanna? 
Q2  How does Vipassana wisdom arise?
Q3  What does the wisdom of Vipassana understand? 
        Of what does it understand? 

I am happy to have recorded the guided meditation. 
You can share this with meditators who are new to Vipassana 
as well as the more seasoned practitioners.

Regards, Swas Tan
"Smiles on Faces, Gratitude in Mind."

**You may also access other Dhamma talks at 

**This  ONE PAGE DHAMMA and recorded talk will be available at shortly.

Monday, June 11, 2012


14th & 21th June 2012   

Ven. Jotinanda, is a Malaysian Theravāda Buddhist monk who was ordained a sāmaṇera (novice monk) in Malaysia in 2001 and later a bhikkhu (full-fledged monk) in Myanmar in 2002. 

He is interested in Buddhist meditation, especially vipassanā meditation, and also the study of the Dhamma (teaching of the Buddha), particularly where it deals with the practice of vipassanā meditation.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Buddha's Story and Battle with the Evil One

These video clips are from the film "Little Buddha" (1993)
The song is "Lux Aeterna" by Clint Mansell.