Thursday, June 21, 2012

THURSDAY MEDITATION CLASS... continue with Ven. Jotinanda Bhikkhu

T H U R S D A Y 
28th June — 30th July
continue with
Ven. Jotinanda Bhikkhu

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GIVEN ON 14th JUNE 2012
review by SWAS TAN

If you have been practising Vipassana 
for many years, this Dhamma Talk on 
Vipassana — Back to Basics 
may be for you !
It's just too simple to miss some 
of the important points. 

Bhante Jotinanda speaks with a soft, light and 
delightful assent but his message is clear and 
there are lessons to be relearned. 

Wait a minute. Back to basics? What? 
To appreciate this Dhamma Talk, I suggest that you answer 
the following questions before reading the One Page Dhamma.**
This will be more helpful and you will then be able to  
appreciate the simplicity of the Dhamma Talk. 

Q1  What is Vipassanna? 
Q2  How does Vipassana wisdom arise?
Q3  What does the wisdom of Vipassana understand? 
        Of what does it understand? 

I am happy to have recorded the guided meditation. 
You can share this with meditators who are new to Vipassana 
as well as the more seasoned practitioners.

Regards, Swas Tan
"Smiles on Faces, Gratitude in Mind."

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