Wednesday, July 6, 2011

DHAMMA TALKS @ House of Inward Journey

22nd July 2011
8:00 evening

23rd July 2011
8:00 evening

by Phra Mick Ratanapanyo Bhikkhu

Phra Mick Ratanapanyo Bhikkhu is a Thai-born Australian monk who currently resides in Bangkok Province, Thailand. He has been the man of the Theravadan robe since July 2003, originally ordaining short period for his mother back in Sydney, Australia.

Phra Mick spent the first two years of his practice reflecting on his past negative actions... from anger, greed, pride, ego, fear to self. Arriving at conclusions that “All of our enemies are in our minds”. Masters then guided him towards the Five Aggregates... The never-ending prison of information from eye, ear, nose, tongue, touch, thought, memory & feeling. How one is thrown into the next moment, reborning through attachments of information. So called “The Meaning of Life”, or in more modern term... “The Matrix has you.” Traveling to Thailand in 2007, he found teachers who guided him further into Right Mindfulness and Concentration, as well as Astrology & Balance of Universe. Now get ready and fasten your seat belt, Penang because Phra Mick is invading Malaysia... Again!

Monday, July 4, 2011

To be Buddhist is to See Beyond Buddhism

"The Buddha teaches us firstly to notice 
how noisy our minds can be,
 and how cluttered our hearts have become. 
The noise and clutter are our own 
reactivity to those of others 
when we are un­will­ing or unable to feel 
what others are saying or doing. 
To “feel” here means to see beyond 
our immediate perceptions, 
and to learn from 
what is unspoken and silent. 
To feel is to see the whole picture, 
and become a healing or joyful part of it.

as taught by the Buddha, 
is a reminder that there are moments 
when we need to forget ourselves, 
to let go even of our Buddhisms, 
to see beyond religion itself, 
before we can truly see our­selves. 
When we have even a glimpse of our true self, 
it is easier then for us to see 
the minds and hearts of others. 
People can be full of precious surprises, 
and it is always a joy to be surprised 
by their goodness and joy. 
To allow joyful surprises into our lives, 
we must first remove what prevents us 
from being surprised in the first place. 
This, you must uncover for yourself. 
You must yourself rise beyond
and free yourself from this. 
Surprise yourself."

An Extract from
Piya Tan's Reflection
(22nd June 2011)
The Minding Centre, Singapore