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It is like us wanting to drive somewhere; 
we first need to know how to drive. 
We need not actually need to know about the car’s
mechanism and how it runs. 
In the same way if we want to end suffering
we must first know at least how to 
walk the path as taught by the Buddha.

Problems in life start with birth. Otherwise, if we hadnt been born, would we be subject to aging, sickness and death? Instead of seeing lifes unsatisfactoriness, many of us see its problems as something good: even desirable. 

Ignorance is the problem that is the starting point of the problem of existence itself. For those of us who realise problems arising as problems, some are deluded enough to search for external solutions — by praying, propitiating gods and deities, or consulting astrologers. That is why right understanding is crucial as a start; otherwise, we would not be able to proceed further in uncovering what the Buddha taught.

The author Ashin Dr. Nandamālābhivaṁsa will show us in this booklet how to overcome life’s problems through the cultivation of right vision and learning the Dhamma. 

This transcription is from one of his many Dhamma lectures at the Centre for Buddhist Studies, and the Sitagu International Buddhist Academy in Sagaing between 2004 and 2005.

SAYADAW DR NANDAMALABHIVAMSA, born in Myanmar (Burma) in 1940, was educated in Mandalay and with 16 years of age he already passed Dhammacariya (Dhamma teacher) and then most difficult Bhivamsa-examination. He also studied in Sri Lanka at the Kelaniya University in Colombo (M.A.) and got his Ph.D. in India. Because of his excellent knowledge of the Buddhist scriptures and his his teaching experience he was rewarded many high distinctions and titles.

In Myanmar together with his elder brother he is leading the traditional, well-reputed study-monastery “Mahasubhodayon” in Sagaing Hills. He is rector of the “International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University
in Yangon and of “Sitagu International Buddhist Academy” in Sagaing. In Myanmar and aboard, since some years in Europe too, he is giving courses mainly on Abhidhamma for Western Vipassana-teachers, -students and meditators.

He is the founder and leader of Dhammvijjalaya, Centre for Buddhist Studies (CBS) in Sagaing, which is connected to Mahasubhodayon Monastery and serves foreigners for further studies and practice.

The Sayadaw
s teaching method is very individual, lively, practical and practicable with many examples and references from daily life, from the Suttas, Abhidhamma books and commentaries. Sayadaw is teaching in English and with a lot of humour and Metta.

Self-study is necessary within all his Abhidhamma courses, to become familiar with the structure and logic of Abhidhamma and the most important Pali-terms. Formal meditation-periods are included too.

This Gift of Dhamma is sponsored 
in Loving Memory of
Yeap Hong Pin (28th May 2010)
Lee Beng Seng (29th July 2010)


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