Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Poetic Gift ~ 'Metta'

Stemming from within
We all have a gift to share
A gentle smile
A comforting touch
Every moment,
Cultivating a boundless heart
Towards all beings
With Loving Kindness…

In the face of aversion
Confronted with old hurts
That is when
kindness eludes us most
As we put up barriers
we forsake others
We abandon love
And eventually, we forget…

Deep down inside
There are parts of us
We try to hide
Even from ourselves
The things we are not proud of…
Our mistakes, our fears
Our own vulnerabilities
Just as we shut them away
So too, do we close ourselves off
From those who remind us of our imperfection
We lose sight of our aspiration.

Loving kindness
In its purest form
Comes from acceptance
And embracing ourselves
For who we are,
and in that,
Learn to love others wholeheartedly
Unjudgingly and unconditionally
Without justification and condemnation

This way the barriers melt away
Allowing love and kindness
To shine in its entirety…


Copyright © 2010 by Inward Path Publisher. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

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