Thursday, July 4, 2013



Venerable Jotinanda Bhikkhu is a Malaysian Theravada Buddhist monk who was ordained a Samanera in Malaysia in 2001 and later a Bhikkhu (full-fledged monk) in Myanmar in 2002. He first encountered the Dhamma and started practising vipassana meditation back in 1988. He is interested in Buddhist meditation, especially vipassana meditation, and also the study of the Dhamma, particularly where it deals with the practice of vipassana meditation. Since he took up the robe he had had the opportunity to learn and practise vipassana meditation under teachers both in Myanmar and Malaysia. Besides learning and developing the practical aspect of the Dhamma in retreats he spends most of his other time also exploring and investigation the rich ancient wisdom as recorded in the vast scriptural texts of the Theravada tradition to which he belongs. Occasionally he writes essays about the Dhamma, mostly about vipassana meditation or related topics, but occasionally also about his observation and comments on contemporary development in modern day Buddhist beliefs and practises. Some of these essays can be read on-line on his blog: In recent years he had also lead vipassana retreats on invitation from time to time in serveral meditation centres in Malaysia.