Saturday, October 27, 2012

Is Buddhism A Religion?

Is Buddhism a religion?

Albert Einstein once said this of Buddhism, 

"The religion of the future 
will be a cosmic religion. 
It should transcend a personal God and 
avoid dogmas and theology.
 Covering both natural and spiritual, 
it should be based on 
a religious sense arising from 
the experience of all things, 
natural and spiritual 
and a meaningful unity. 
Buddhism answers this description. 
If there is any religion that 
would cope with modern scientific needs, 
it would be Buddhism."

But is Buddhism a religion? Buddhism may qualify as a religion, depending on ones point of view. If you define religion as "a system of worship or devotion to a deity," than no, it would not be a religion; however, if you define religion as "a system of spiritual beliefs, rituals, and morals," then Buddhism would be a religion.

There is no messiah, no prophet, and no deity in Buddhism. The basic premise of Buddhism is about a prince who lived a hedonistic life, then became enlightened and decided to live an ascetic life.

Since there is no deity, messiah or prophet in Buddhism, you can be a Christian and a Buddhist, Muslim and Buddhist or Jew and Buddhist. And there would be no conflict.