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New Release 2012

"This book will take you deeper in 
your understanding of 
the Four Noble Truths,
not just intellectually but 

in practice itself.
Sayadaw U Khema draws 

the thin line between 
understanding and realisation.
An dispensable reading for

all who seek 
understanding of suffering and 
cessation of suffering."

This book provides you with the essence of the teachings, rich with wisdom, offered with a spirit of generosity of the heart, expounded through Sayadaw's own experience:
  • the natural self awareness and the self centered awareness
  • two types of Dukkha — one caused by Nature and one caused by our own doings
  • the conditioned and the unconditioned states
  • how do defilements arise in the mind?
  • why we cannot see Tanha (craving) and how to recognise it
  • two kinds of consciousness that we should be aware of — the original consciousness and the corrupted consciousness
  • what we need to do to cut the links of dependent origination — four simple steps
  • three basic steps to practise the Noble Eight Fold Path so that we do not side tracked
  • the importance of Right View
  • landmarks in the Four Noble Truths — a useful guide for all meditators

The Venerable Sayadaw U Khema Wuntha, Maha Thera holds a BA (Law) and LLB degree from the Burmese University in 1970 and 1971 respectively and was called to the Bar in 1972 and was admitted as an advocate and solicitor. He worked as a government law officer (Burma) from 1972 to 1976. He then practised as a lawyer and migrated to the US in 1983. He was ordained in America as a Bhikkhu in 1985 under  the Most Venerable Sayadaw U PAÑÑĀ VAMSA, Chief Monk of Dhammikarama Burmese Buddhist Temple Penang and Chief monk of the Burmese Buddhist Temple in Los Angeles, America.

In 1990 Venerable Sayadaw U Khema Wuntha Maha Thera was stationed about a year in Toronto Burmese Temple giving talks and  conducting Meditation retreat  and  thereafter was stationed back to Los Angeles.

Venerable Sayadaw was the Chief Resident Monk in Dhammikarama Buddhist Temple in  Penang from 1996 to 2004. During that period Venerable was conducting meditation classes, Abidhamma study, Dhamma talks and mass ordination of novice monks and samaneras.

Venerable Sayadaw was the Chief Resident Monk in Ratana-Rama Buddhist Temple under  MMBA, Kuala Lumpur. Venerable Sayádaw conducted meditation classes, conducted ordination, taught Abhidhamma and gave Dhamma talks during his stay there.

Venerable Sayadaw also gave dhamma talks, discussions and conducted meditation classes at Chempaka Buddhist Lodge, Section 24, in Petaling Jaya and many other meditation centres including those in Miri and Sibu.

Venerable Sayadaw was based at Sásana Ramsi  Buddhist Temple in Frankfurt, Germany between 2007 and 2008,  helped to  establish the temple, also to conduct meditation classes and Dhamma talks.

In April 2008, Venerable Sayadaw was stationed back in Dhammikarama Buddhist Temple in Penang as the Chief Resident Monk.

Presently, Venerable Sayadaw is the Chief Resident Monk at Burma Buddhist Monastery in California, USA.

Venerable Sayadaw also attended a number of Buddhist conferences, and travelled widely throughout the world.

You can reach Sayadaw U Khema Wuntha at
  • Cell Phone:  63099136609 
  • Email:

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