Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Simple Joys is a weekly series of reflections by Piya Tan, with the singular aim of inspiring us to look at the brighter side of life, to see our natural potential for inner and true happiness. At the same time, the reflections show that the Buddha Dharma, in its original teachings, is like the fresh air, and we need only to breathe it in, as we feel what we reflect on. The reflections are mostly in prose poetry, which is Piya’s favourite style of presenting the Dharma in his writings. 

Piya often quips: 
“If someone comes to you 
with a personal problem, 
and you feel it is a little too 
heavy for you, 
pass that person a copy 
of Simple Joys!” 

These reflections also aim to make us happy, so that we go on to joyfully sit in meditation, and spread our lovingkindness to others. 

Contents for the Book:
• Man, the Unfinished
• Minding Change, Changing Mind
• Your Mind: Use It or Lose It (Preventing Dementia)
• Living Buddhism
• Even a Donkey Can Be Wise
• Driving Meditation
• Truly Renouncing
• Keep What You Cannot Lose
• Small Change

The next time you think 
you cannot solve your problem, 
try observing a toddler 
who is learning to walk. 
He or she stands, 
tries to take a step, falls flat, 
stands again, falls again, and so on. 
But the toddler never gives up, 
and he or she is now able to 
walk very well. 
 That toddler was you!
 ~adapted from chp Living Buddhism

To best way to grow spiritually,
is to be willing and able let go of 
our old views and past conditionings,
even temporarily, and listen to our hearts.
There is always something to learn from listening.
That is why the Buddha's saints are called 
 ~adapted from chp Minding Change, Changing Mind