Wednesday, February 1, 2012



APRIL 1 TO 8, 2012

We are pleased to inform that our Inward Path resident meditation teacher Visu Teoh will be leading an intensive eight-day vipassana retreat at Peace House in Bukit Gambier from April 1 to 8.

Though tough and challenging, a vipassana retreat is great for pacifying and tranquilising the mind besides gaining insight into the ultimate nature of reality — the impermanence, suffering and not-self characteristics of existence taught us by the Buddha. It is very liberating and exhilarating to understand these truths on a deeper level during meditation. 

Participants will begin the day in a wonderful way — by spending an hour radiating metta (thoughts of lovingkindness) to all beings before they immerse themselves in the vipassana practice for the rest of the day.

If anybody is interested in attending the retreat, 
please contact Visu for further information — 
email visu@mind-at-peace-net or 
phone 0164112395.

Meanwhile Visu will continue as usual with his regular Thursday evening meditation session (8.00pm to 10.00pm — one hour sitting followed by an hour discussion) at Inward Path. This Thursday (Feb 2) he will begin to discuss the Buddha’s discourse on the Four Establishments of Mindfulness which he will continue on every Thursday till the end of the discourse.

We welcome those who are particularly interested in studying, reviewing or furthering their understanding of this important discourse of the Buddha on mindfulness (Pali: sati) which has been described as the direct way to the purification of the mind and the end of suffering.