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The Demise of Sayadaw U Kundala

Dana, Offering to 
Sayadaw U Kundala 
at Saddhammaramsi Yeiktha, 
on 14 Jan 2010

 The Demise of  
Sayadaw U Kundala
19 December 2011
(Age: 90 years)

Anicca vata sankhara
Uppada vaya dhammmino
Uppajjitva nirujjhan'ti
Tesam vupasamo sukho

Impermanent, alas, are all conditions
Arising and passing away
Having been born they all must cease
The calming of conditions is true happiness

Sayadaw U Kundala was born in Waw Township, Bago District, Myanmar in 1921 to U Tha Phyo and Daw Pu. He became a novice monk (samanera) at the age of nine at the Waw Monastery. He studied at various learning monasteries, amongst which are the two well-known Shwehintha Forest Monastery and the Maydhini Forest Monastey.

He received the title of Dhamma Lectureship (Dhammacariya) in 1956, and another title of Dhamma Lectureship in 1958. On 4th January 1998, the 7th Waxing of Pyatho, 1359 M.E. (the Golden Jubilee Independence Day of Myanmar) he received the higher title of Meditation teacher, Agga Maha Kammatthanacariya vide Union of Myanmar State Peace and Development Council Notification No. 2/98.

The Sayadaw taught Buddhist Scriptures to about 200 monks daily at the Maydhini Forest Monastery for 20 years. After having meditated under the tutelage of the late Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw for a year, the Sayadaw decided to teach vipassana meditation. Had conducted meditation retreats and given Dhamma talks in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, United Kingdom, France, United States, Australia, and Japan.

Sayadaw founded the Saddharammaransi Meditation Centre in 1978. The centre now cares for an average of 200 yogis daily. The Centre has four branches:
• Sukhapatipada Saddharammaransi, Kyaukkon, Yangon, 1993
• Viveka-Tawya Saddharammaransi, Nyaunglebin, 1994
• Khippdabhinna Saddharammaransi, Indyne, 1995
• Dhammadayada Saddharammaransi

The Sayadaw is also a prolific writer and has published several Dhamma books, mostly in Burmese. He is a member of the Sangha Supreme Council of Advisors at the main Mahasi Meditation Centre in Yangon.

Below are some of the English books
published by 
Inward Path Publisher: