Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ask A Monk: Difficulty for Women Monastics

interviewing on 
Monk Radio in Sri Lanka.

Venerable Phalañānī Bhikkhuni born in Duesseldorf, Germany, grow up in Kaarst, Germay, went to school there, went to study in Paris, was actrice and comedian, was married (for very short) was divorced, traveled around parts of the world, lived in Spain, Mallorca, and became a buddhist nun, first Mae Chii, then Samaneri and finally a Bhikkhuni.

Monk Radio 
 by Venerable Yuttadhammo

Weekly "radio" broadcast, actually a live video stream, is a chance for Buddhists to renew their determination by formally retaking refuge and precepts, and a chance for meditators to ask questions and receive answers about meditation, Buddhism, and the monastic life. After the formal (optional) recitation and Q&A period, there will be a brief group meditation.

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