Sunday, October 30, 2011


We can look at dreams in a number of ways. Firstly, dreams may be con­sidered as fantasies or imaginations of a mind that is ever seeking to escape from a cruel, mundane, lonely world. These illusory concoctions, though relieving for some, can also lead one very far away from reality.

Dreams, in psychology have often been looked upon as a language with which the deeper parts of the mind (which are beyond the reach of the normal conscious awareness) com­muni­cate with the conscious mind. In the East, they are also often regarded as the means by which man communicates with the spirit world. These aspects of communication require more study and research. Dreams, at a more conscious level, are tangible hopes from which may arise in the future what is beneficial, profitable and happy.

It is realism and effort that will determine whether the dream is a hope or a fantasy. And for realism and effort to be present, there must also be a lot of faith that the hope can be realised and mindfulness of real situations ... not to mention courage.

This book is dedicated to those who dare to make ‘the dream’ their hope — ‘the dream’ which is wholly and truly spiritual; the peace eternal, the utter liberation from suffering!!

First published on 18th October 1981 in conjunction with the Kathina celebration of the Malaysian Buddhist Meditation Centre in Penang, the author, Ven. Sujivo (now known as Sujiva), was then the resident monk at the centre. Today, he is one of the Buddhist teachers, who are responsible for developing a keen interest in vipassana (insight) meditation in many western countries.

After 30 years, Anne Lee Saw Ean who had rendered her assistance in the first publication, has a desire to have it reprinted with a new layout and design. She and her family have sponsored this reprint in conjunction with the 2011 Kathina Celebration of the Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple in Sentul, Kuala Lumpur (see above photo).

Anne Lee and family, being also the main sponsors for the Kathina, invite everybody to rejoice and share in the merits accruing from these wholesome deeds.

Those who are interested for a free copy can visit the temple or go to our website (for oversea order):

They also thank Ven. Sujiva for giving his permission for the reprint of this book.

Inward Path, the publisher for this edition, would also like to thank Anne Lee and family, Ven. Sujiva, and all concerned, for making this book available for free distribution.

May the Good Dhamma
last long for the welfare and
happiness of all beings!

About the Author

Veneable Sujiva, the founder of Santisukharama, is a Malaysian Theravadin Buddhist monk. He is a well known and respected vipassana meditation teacher who has dedicated his life to the teaching and propagation of vipassana meditation. He ordained as a Theravadin monk shortly after graduating from University of Malaya in 1975 with an honours degree in Agricultural Science. During his monastic training he learnt and practiced under many teachers in Malaysia, Thailand, and Burma (Myanmar), including, notably, Ven. Sayadaw U Panditabhivamsa at the esteemed Mahasi Meditation Centre in Rangoon, Burma.

He started teaching meditation at Santisukharama in 1982 and held countless retreats both at the centre and throughout Malaysia, inspiring, at the same time, the setting up of various meditation centres by various meditation groups throughout the country. In 1995 the Venerable started conducting vipassana retreat abroad. He had since taught in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, USA and several countries in Europe. Presently, he spend most of his time teaching particular in Eastern Europe where is based.
He is a well-respected vipassaná meditation master and is much sought after by vipassana yogis both in Malaysia and abroad, for his sharp discernment, skillful guidance and profound understanding of not only vipassana, but also samatha practices as well as Buddhist philosophy in general.

The Venerable has also authored a number of books on vipassana and metta meditation, as well as several collection of poems. The following are some of his books:
•    Essentials of Insight Meditation Practice
•    For the Stilling of Volcanoes
•    Loving Kindness Meditation
•    The Tree of Wisdom, the River of No Return
•    Wind in the Forest