Friday, July 16, 2010

Beautiful in the Beginning, Beautiful in the Middle, and Beautiful in the End


by Students & Friends of Visu's class

Beautiful in the beginning, Beautiful in the middle, and Beautiful in the end. That's how we can describe the classes that was conducted by Bro. Visu at Inward Path.

His humble and slow approach to share his knowledge on the meditation techniques, namely Metta and Vipassana, created a conducive session for both beginners and experienced practitioners to practice the teachings of the Buddha. The meditation hall at Inward Path also created a very suitable environment for meditation as it is very spacious, quiet and well-equipped with meditation cushions and good PA system.

Each week on different days, he conducts a Metta meditation session and a Vipassana meditation session. He then gives a Dhamma talk before wrapping up the day. Many students were attracted to his talks because of its simplicity yet thought-provoking sense and makes the audience relate to their daily lives. Quotes from suttas, stories and even songs were used to express the topic that Bro. Visu focuses for the day.

For those who have joined the sessions, other than the learning experience, they also felt more enriching in getting to know more kalyana mittas (spiritual friends) who are supportive and sincerely walking the noble Path. With the mutual support, it creates a strong circle of friendship that motivates one another to practice and share the Dhamma — just as the Buddha told Ananda, his personal attendant, that having admirable friends, companions, and comrades is not half but the whole of the holy life [Upaddha Sutta; Samyutta Nikaya SN 45.2]

All in all, it was a pleasant experience to join Bro. Visu's sessions at Inward Path.

With deep appreciation, thank you Bro. Visu for your valuable teachings and may you be blessed with peace and happiness always.

Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu