Saturday, June 5, 2010

Visu's Europe Trip

Dear Friends,

Our teacher in residence, Visu Teoh, will be leaving for Europe on July 1. He will be leading Metta and Vipassana retreats at various centres and will return to Malaysia in December.

Visu has been leading meditation sessions two evenings a week at our Inward Path Centre at No 52D Rangoon Road since February. His last meditation session at Inward Path will be on Tuesday June 22.

We are delighted with the good and regular attendance and trust that many people have benefitted from Visu’s teachings and guidance.

Visu will also be leading a weekend metta retreat at the Mudita Buddhist Society in Klang from June 11 to 13.

We will attach in the next post about Visu’s metta (lovingkindness) meditation instructions so that those interested in taking up the practice can do so at home. Visu says he will be happy to give guidance via email to anyone who writes to him. His email address is

We wish to express our gratitude to Visu for his teaching and wish him and his wife, Barbara, a very pleasant and successful Dhamma tour of Europe. We attach below his itinerary and look forward to his return and resumption of meditation classes at Inward Path.

With Metta,
Samurai Beng


Visu’s teaching schedule in Europe this year:

July 9 - 11 weekend and July 16 - 18 weekend: Meditation workshop at Adula Health clinic in the Allgaeu, Germany.

July 23 - 25 conducting study on Satipatthana Sutta at Marjo's centre in Ireland (, followed by ten-day Metta Retreat from July 30 to Aug 8.

Aug 20 - 29: Ten-day metta retreat in Czech Republic organised by Libor and Julie (email:

Sept 18, 19: Metta weekend in Nijmegen, Holland, organised by Marij Geurts (email

Oct 3 to 10: Vipassana retreat at Nooderpoort Zen Centre in Wapserveen, Holland (
(Possibly conducting a weekend metta retreat in Amsterdam in October and a day retreat in Rotterdam in September but dates yet to be confirmed.)

Nov 6 to 20: Vipassana Retreat at La Salindre (website in Southern France.

Return to Penang Dec 1.
In Malaysia Visu will lead a ten-day retreat (five days metta followed by five days' vipassana) in Matang, Sarawak, East Malaysia, from Dec 14 to 23 organised by Bro Wong Teck Hua (email: