Thursday, September 3, 2009


Insight (Vipassana)
Meditation Course

with Sister Gavesini (Sis. Gin)

@ House of Inward Journey
8th Sept 09 - 31st Oct 09
Every Tuesday (8pm - 10pm)


This meditation course is tailored for busy people who want to learn up the basic technique of Insight Meditation in a systematic way within a short period of time.

Interested participants are encouraged to attend the whole course, which consists of 7 weekly lessons and a one-day retreat, spread out over 2 months. To acquire the maximum benefit from this course, participants are highly recommended to practice at home on a regular daily basis during that period.

Instructions together with handouts and interviews will be given at every lesson by the Course Instructor.

  • Lesson 1 : What is Meditation? Samatha & Vipassana, Preliminaries
  • Lesson 2 : Sitting Meditation — Posture & Basic Principles
  • Lesson 3 : Walking & Standing Meditation
  • Lesson 4 : How To Report At Interviews & The 6 Temperaments
  • Lesson 5 : Mindfulness of Sensations — Sitting and Touching
  • Lesson 6 : Mindfulness of Consciousness
  • Lesson 7 : Mindfulness of Mental Objects — The Five Hindrances
  • (Retreat) 8 : Joy & Bliss of Meditation

Please come in loose clothing like track bottoms, slacks, sarong or long skirts and bring along your 'zafu' (meditation cushion) or even a towel/blanket will do.


Sister Gavesini (Gin) became interested in Buddhism in the early 70s. She started practising meditation with Ven. Sujiva in Malaysian Buddhist Meditation Centre, Penang, when he returned from Burma. Then for nearly 20 years she frequently travelled to Burma to practise intensive meditation with Sayadaw U Pandita and ordained as a temporary Tilashin (nun) in Mahasi Centre, Yangon in 1986. She also spent some time practising with Sayadaw U Kundala at Sadhammaramsi Yeiktha. Beside Vipassana meditation, she also practised Samatha meditation with Sayadaw U Pandita at Saddhamma Retreat in Oregon, USA. As a lay teacher she has taught meditation in various Buddhist Centres in PJ, Klang, Kajang and KL. For the past 8 years, since retiring from teaching actively she has been on self-retreat, mainly in Burma, Malaysia, Thailand (Chiang Mai), Australia (Bodhinyana, Serpentine) and New Zealand. She moved to Auckland, New Zealand in 2002. Since her return to Malaysia in September 2007, she has been on intensive self-retreats for a total of 11 months.

To register and for more information please call:

  • Sunanda Lim (012 4302893)
  • Hong Bian (016 4438594)
  • House of Inward Journey (04 2262893)